Game duration

23/08/17 20:29
How come games differ in time. I played one of the best players in my guild it was 7-7 going into 80. But I lost the game on 100 minutes, so how come when I play other players the game lasts only 80 minutes surely there is cheating going on.
23/08/17 20:32
Rules of rugby apply, see the France match in 6 nations this year.
24/08/17 09:32
All matches are 80min, but if the scores are tied after 80min or the losing team is in possession of the ball, the game will continue until the ball goes dead or the losing team gives away a penalty. It's the same in real rugby.
24/08/17 19:22
Please refrain from allegations of cheating, any further instances of the allegations will be punished
27/08/17 14:22
27/08/17 14:39
Xcpatrick Denis :

Colston's :

Please refrain from allegations of cheating, any further instances of the allegations will be punished

Interesting warning, but to be really valable, you (webmasters in first and moderators too) must update your communication as well.
Then after that, you will be sure that everybody will haven't suspicion, and as well again, you can punish these members as they are supposed to have reading your communication treads...

For example and for this concern, it seems to me, that ESA0M5 member asks a question ( I agree that with an interrogation point it was better) and, Black Monks and TerraNovan have replied to him with a well and perfect communication.
I believe too, that a tread which could be named "FAQ" or maybe "Recurring FAQ" that webmasters and moderators can build up, this forum will not have these type of questions/request in the future.

Communication is the key of a good forum.
Be sure that this one, need more communication.
For my side I'm reading it every day, but I have decided to stop my partcipation, as long as sweet-nitro's communication will be not back at an acceptable level.

With respectful greetings

The communication from them is quite clear, and trust me when I say that I love an opportunity to point out any hypocrisy or uneven treatment, the issue that was moderated is an accusation of cheating. The mods have been clear and consistent, especially of late, that unproven claims of cheating are not allowed and there is about a 0% chance of proving cheating on the forum therefore no claims of cheating are allowed. The question and answer was fine. Making allegations of cheating is not allowed.
27/08/17 15:03
27/08/17 15:37
Xcpatrick Denis :

I'm happy that you are happy with actual situation Black Monks, but I confirm my position:
If you won't have allegations on this forum, the communication must be upgraded. May be, on this side of the forum (UK) it could be better than the other (French)... I didn't made comparison to be honest.
If not, you will have allegations every day or week... that it.

Sorry to be not complaisant.

I think some of the points everybody is trying to make is getting lost in translation.

Short version is the communication regarding cheating allegations have been very clear. Don't do it or face the consequences.

As for the question originally posted, it has been communicated on the forum previously as to the reason this happens, so honestly I think the communication has been more than adequate.
27/08/17 18:39
27/08/17 19:03
Xcpatrick Denis :

Thanks for your answer Coach Fluffy.
I appreciate as well you compassion for my bad comprehension of your native language and I'm sure that your french is better than my english.

The point that I would highlighted here (and that I have highlighted too in french part of this forum) is the lack of communication, that can be solved by a FAQ subject (updated as soon as it will be necessary) or at least an index for all subjects and a dedicated subject with the rules and laws that must be respected on this forum (generally this one is created and locked by the admistrators).

I assume and hope that ESA0M5 is a new member, and he doesn't know that anothers subjects have explained his question.
If he is an older member, I'm completly agree that his question is not acceptable, but...
And I say but... if he is a new member of forum, and if he has made what every member his supposed to make on every forums, that is to say:
a research with key words (for this concern: game duration) in the dedicated box, he has found this result: 21 pages with 20 subjects per page... 420 results.

I'm sorry Mate, but with this result, at its place, I don't waste my time to search the answer, and I'm opening a new subject.
And if what I have said above is correct, we (and as well the moderators and webmasters) can't be upset by what ESA0M5 has writted.
This exactly this point that I would hightlighted, that I have roughly nammed "communication".
If we have an index, a complete regulation (with what it can be discussed, what it can't be discussed, what it can be accepted, what not ...) we erase this sort of concern. And I'm sure that the moderators will appreciate to stop to do the policemen of this forum every day, because nobody will have an excuse after that.
I'm perfectly know that it is a big job to put in place some index, but for my point of view (as I'm a webmaster too) it is the only solution....
If not, the moderators will need to repeat every days the same things, as often as, these type of question will happening on this forum.

This is just my point of view, not more, not less.
Have a nice day.
Best regards.

I am struggling to see what your point is here. Notwithstanding an obvious issue with translation the subject has been taken off subject from the original . Would you like to bring it back on subject or perhaps the op would consider this best locked?