BMRS Adieu

26/10/17 19:06
Alas it is time for me to move on
Don't fret, many here have the needle firm
Inside this post you will find the Black Monks Ranks
Endless enjoyment must always meet it's end
Understand that this has been a great time

1. Bad Mother Ruckers
2. Terranova
3. BIA
4. Flying fijians
5. Legends in a tie
26/10/17 20:13
Please don't faint Black Monks, but there have been posts on our Guild chat regretting the addition of the "R" word to your name. You will be missed.
26/10/17 20:45
Thanks Hutchie, I about added team GB as honorable mention so it was clear the 'suspension' was dead. It's heart never beat anyway, but we can all acknowledge that time period was not the forums finest and my role was center in the mess. I'm glad the needle is out of my arm but I wish it wasn't so.
26/10/17 20:45
It is a shame you are retiring BM, you did liven things up!

Best of luck in the real world.

Jonny’s Marauders
26/10/17 20:54
Thanks for the rankings, and the RCs you made me over the years!
26/10/17 21:15
I don't recall giving you a pardon BM, now get your behind back on that field!

Seriously though, I understand why that nasty 'R' word has joined your ranks. Thanks for all the info and entertainment you have brought to the forum and game and best of luck to you in whatever endeavors you decide to undertake!
26/10/17 21:51
Good luck with 'my struggle'. I suggest you join another on line forum as if you accuse people of awful things in the 'real world' it could end horrifically for you :/.
26/10/17 22:40
Goodbye DB, I feel sorry for you.
27/10/17 06:53
Cheerio Black Monks. I did enjoy a game against you at some point. You kicked my butt. Keep well
27/10/17 08:15
Black Monks... cheers mate. Would be nice to see you around from time to time. One of the game's characters and gentlemen. I doubt the forum will be the same. Hoping to at least beat you once before you leave

I will try and keep your BMRS alive if you tell me your methodology.