Message for SeekNDestroy

18/02/18 20:30
So i've heard that you've been making lies up about me. Saying i played a full bonus against Dreadlock Warriors in the cup when i didn't. What did you do, take screenshots of someone elses bank balance and then one of mine and try to convince him i'm bonused him in an attempt to turn him against me because he was siding with me over match fixing?
The depths you will sink to get lower each time. You are literally an embarrassment #noshame #gamer #matchfixer
18/02/18 21:51

I just want a correction. I said you did not use MB in the game. I was reading the comments and was online that time. Chill, dono who is talking crap. Ive checked for the whatsapp messages now but dont have them anymore that stated you didnt.
18/02/18 22:24
I can confirm he didnt say you used mb bluey as it was me he was talking to, me and seek go back from the oval days amd although we had our differences we dont anymore but i dont like it when people havent got the story straight, hope this clears things up lets just enjoy the game amd put differences aside
18/02/18 23:45
Apologies if that isn’t the case. I got told different but if you’re talking the truth then I retract and apologise.
18/02/18 23:55
All good bro. No hard feelings, forget about it
19/02/18 00:03
Wow.. My bad, I completely misread that (also deleted now), thought you were saying he did use.
I apologise unreservedly.
19/02/18 00:14
Nice onversation here. Hey, you're doing something wrong. No, I think it was misread. Oh yeah it was, I'm sorry. Round of applause for these three!