Serious Mistranslation

06/03/18 14:16
I was having a little play with changing the languages in the game and I noticed a serious error in the translation into Spanish:

In the Offensive skills (I always chuckle to myself when I read that translation too ) tab of the individual player, Attack Acceleration is rendered as follows in Spanish:

Distancia máxima para intentar in drop.

This is completely off as that means 'Maximum distance for attempting a drop goal'(!!!)

Surely the Spanish-speaking players of this game are put at a huge disadvantage with that? The translation is quite ropey in general in this game, but that is the worst I've spotted so far...

A much more correct translation would be: Aceleración en Ataque. Alternatively: Aceleración de Ataque. The first one is closer to the original French.
25/05/18 13:01
This still hasn't been fixed.

This translation has clearly migrated by mistake from 'Drop kick max distance' on the main team strategy and has just been put in the wrong place.

I can't imagine it would be terribly difficult to fix this surely? I've even provided the correct translation above. Come on guys, don't be lazy!