The funniest Team name in the game

01/09/18 10:09
Hi everyone,
There seem to have been a little angst on display on the Forum recently - so let's have a little fun.

I'm looking for the funniest team name you have EVER seen in a game. Ultimately, I'm looking for the best in the rugga (past or present)
I'll start the ball rolling (I hope it's right, plz correct if you know otherwise). This name made me LOL.


Highly original. I look forward to your contributions.
01/09/18 10:33
Surely it has to be Peanut Butta? I mean who could possible come up with a name like that
01/09/18 10:43
Lol. A team called 'Bacon Sandwich' played me once. I'd prefer bacon at any time.
01/09/18 11:45
I did like 'The Ref' but only so I could say I lost because of the ref. I also have a team in my guild called ImOnlyHere4TheBeer which pretty much sums up why I played rugby for so long....
01/09/18 12:47
If I remember well, one team name was “if I win I get your wife”... I have to admit it made me laugh...
I obviously challenged him with a losing strat’
02/09/18 01:37
02/09/18 05:56
my current championship has "Norfolk n Chance" which is quite creative
02/09/18 11:15
Current Guild challenge has: “Hold my glass I got this!!!!!!” (part of Damage Inc. Black Sheep)
12/09/18 16:37
If I win I get your wife is the most memorable unfortunately he was in my league a couple of seasons ago and looks like he (or she) has packed up. Obviously winning too many games against opponents with ugly wives
12/09/18 17:24
Lol, yeah. One ugly harem.
Level 36 Team - Man Chest Hair United.