Hate this game.

12/11/16 20:16
Spent money. Team is 26 something. Twice I played a 16, lost, never had a chance. No control, just luck. What a stupid game. Might as well play the old vibrating game. Brilliant job, guys. I hope you choke on my money.

12/11/16 21:11
The level of the team can be misleading. It depends on how the players are trained. I just made an AH post about this subject. Crazy stat allocation makes for higher star rating but lower performing players.
15/11/16 20:52
I was 39 rated was loosing out to a 15 rated in training then messed in the settings and stuffed him you just need the right tactics you have the players to win mate but yeah I'm sorta bored of myself I just play to upgrade buildings I don't play to compete if that makes sense I've even stopped upgrading the stadium because the game bases who you see in training matches on fans so as I don't want to see the giants on the game I refuse to build the fanbase I've also chucked a couple of games on purpose to decrease my fanbase so I don't see packplayers wrong it might be but that's how shit the game is
16/11/16 00:41
Ya I made the mistake of upgrading my stadium way too fast.