Doesn't seem fair

As a player with a quality level of 84, I have recently been challenged in training games by teams with quality 60 points higher than I alone I have been forced to play teams with rated at 137, 116, 108 and 120.
I am not sure why I can be grouped in with such superior teams...the only thing I am learning from such matches is how to lose with little dignity and I will be damned if I am going to invest any more into building my stadium since fans disappear quickly playing these teams.
Not sure I would benefit much getting a chance to challenge teams with a quality of 20 or 30.
One would think it would make more sense to be grouped with teams a little more in my range.....rant over!!!
the game became so bad since the my level i have players with 200.....imagine,200 ??? all his players are 200.........he unlocked all the slots.......and my team with 136 is the lower team in quality because i cant buy any pack .
well i'm 121 rated and today I played someone 40 pts lower than me I can't remember the last time I lost a training game for me they're far too easy I just click on the player don't even watch the game and then about 2 mins later I have money
I take it I am complaining with no possible hope for a solution....and is it any wonder players are leaving. It's very frustrating cause it's one step forward and two steps backwards....maybe I should just suck it up, bite my lower lip and accept the constant beatings
Gawd, I'm having enough problems beating teams at my own level!!!!
yeah I think that seems to be the case I know what you mean though and a lot of the lads I'm playing are the same ones so apologies to all those regualry beaten by me
Agree completely that the game is messed up - this is only another item that goes to highlight the lack of investment applied by the DEV's to match the demands expected of the players.

However, i don't mean to sound rude - the only way to get a response is to raise a ticket on the subject. Developers never read the forums so your message wont get heard. Also write a review in the app store if you want to really hurt them
OH believe me,they read .....only if you swear,they dont see anything apart can test,you'll be ban if you swear
But their act shows they give any respect to people here but just mind their own business
I am so glad I raised the issue of vastly higher players attacking weaker ones in training games. Since then one American twit, rated at 157, has challenged me, not once, but twice in as many days ( a quality difference of 70). It was a shit kicking to say the least but I am a sucker for punishment so played him six straight times in friendlies but doubt if he would not get the message. Oh yeah, the training results weren't pretty either!
Hi, Willian fc,

Unfortunately, the game was fine (although training matches have always been screwed up!!!) till they launched it in Iran. They started using all the ridiculous formations, cheating, etc. These Iranians are also using flags from other countries, so, the American twit is probably an Iranian. I guess they are ashamed to be Iranians. In a country where they treat women like shit, I would be ashamed too.....