Home v. Away

There seems to be an incredible difference in performance when one plays "away" as opposed to being "home". It is really quite shocking the difference. Did a very rough calculation of my own games over a period of almost two weeks and being "home" has provided me with, ON AVERAGE, a 22 per cent more chance of victory when u factor in (a) kicks (b) shots on target and, of course (c) goals.
I know of no "real life" game which sees that much of a home-field advantage. This isn't so much a complaint as it is ironic. You do expect some advantage at "home" but not quite that much. OK, maybe too much idle time in the evenings and need to take up a hobby!! LOL
And don't get me started about the difference between training matches and friendlies.....it is well beyond 22 per cent
It is because of these two anomalies that the current five training game rule is ineffective. You can be challenged more times than you can play them so you are away an indeterminate number of times on a daily basis and the chances of winning are significantly reduced if not eliminated altogether.
I agree like you can beat me when your the home side but I can beat you when I'm the home side so like I have no idea who the stronger player is? cos we both won 3-0 today you when you was at home me when I was the home side by the same scoreline
I have tried playing a reverse fixture against everyone who plays me and it is shocking the difference between the two....My team shouldnt be that much better when I play at home....or for that matter, that much worse when I travel....is it any wonder I have no travelling supporters!
and the worst is everyone doesnt have the same number of home games in one season
I'm not sure there is a home advantage sure its possible but it would be a hell of a difficult thing to programme in even for experts
ShaunC, I'd be happy to play a home and home friendly against u to see if there is any difference. We both play a home game, dont change anything and then play again seconds later. I do stand to be corrected on this. Awaiting ur friendly
If we can arrange a time then yes why not
I am with The Commonwealth. One of two Canadians there. Cheers