Game Freezing!

When I am playing the game but open another tab to use, within 5 minutes the game freezes and I have to restart the game each time. Has anyone else experienced this? No biggie but getting tedious.
Sounds like your connection is not too good
yes know what you mean Millwall thought it was just my computer but funny it only happens on this game to think of it If your on computer go into task manager and windows audio device graph then press to end task and close generally sorts it out but haven't worked out on phone how to sort it
My internet is pretty fast.. all cabled - no wireless anywhere... I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the flash/chrome issue that has occurred recently.

And yes Ashley you are quite right, it is only THIS game that does it.
sames here i'm on virgin pulls 50 MB sometimes more and I don't have the issue doing anything else that requires that internet
Yes Ash, I have found the same, it disconnects but it doesn't happen with the rugby
It freezes but you can still hear matches still playing in the background.... weird!
Use an iranian browser, I'm sure they've made the game to suit them.
Vishai-Liverpool you could be right
This is a problem related to Flash. If you use another page that requires Flash the game pauses.