Türk Birliği

Türkçe konuşan ve sağlık kiti vermeye üşenmeyen arkadaşları bekliyoruz. Arada bir iki laf edebilmek güzel.
What language is this, anyone able to translate what was said ?
Think its Turkish - try to google few words.
It translates as

We are waiting for friends who speak Turkish and do not hesitate to give a health kit. It's nice to have a couple of words
At least not Iranian...
This is the English language forum, right?
Bluemooners Jr :

This is the English language forum, right?

Well it is English,but it doesn't mean other are strongly prohibited but I although think he could have posted somewhere else but never mind at least not iranian
Sorry I use Turkish, because I've tryed to take attention Turkish players. Real Turkish players are very few in this game. And some Iranians use Turkish flag. And I can't talk with them.
I see marmadon
We need 6 players now.