Keeping 10 out of the ruck and getting them to pass

My 10s are very frequently inside the ruck, can't fid a way to stop them and get them to wait for the scrum half to pass.
The is a huge gap between 10 and 12, sliding depth and other co troll makes no difference. 10 rarely passes to 12, even more rare that 13 gets the ball, wingers only by stealing and full back never involved in attack, except for intercepts.
Something wrong with the game logic as to how backs should play.
Happened to me to, but I just played around with my strategy and it never happened again
What did you do with strategy to keep 10 out?
Try reducing number of players in ruck. Reduce penetration, which will increase tendency to pass. If you're brave, squeeze up your pass speed a bit to get the ball moving before it is sucked into a ruck by an opponent who is set at 4 players. Careful with pass speed though, so you don't force incomplete passes.
I would think number of players joining the ruck would only be forwards and not my entire team!!
Well i made both settings for players joining the ruck on defense and attack on 0 and still my no 10 joins the ruck. Maybe i must make him a forward?
Try fiddling around with your attack depth, seems to have worked for most of the guys in our guild