12 runs away

Why is 12 running ino the ruck when the ball is getting spun out wide?
I give in. Why is he?
Try swopping your 12 and 13 around it might help. Good luck!
Try also dabbling with numbers in ruck in attack and defence and width and spacing etc
I have subed, changed every stat 5% at a time and still takes off in the opposite direction.
I think it relates to a bug reported which the admin is working on
Saw a good example today - my 12 was attacking, both the oppo's centres ran away to the sides - first time I've seen it, looked ridiculous.
my 13 kicked a ball over the top to chase and then promptly decide to run to the opposite side of the pitch to where the ball went, just stupid.
Oh come on Kevin, he was covering the potential counter attack scissors ... Surely you saw that ?
Still not fixed