Happy Birthday to "Doc MACHINE of the Rugga Doctors

Happy Birthday to "Doc MACHINE" of the Rugga Docs from all at UK Elite. Enjoying our GC with you

Have a "lekker koud bezza" on us!
Now this is the sort of comradary that has been lacking on the forum for a while now.

Hats of to you and your guild Allan. It takes a lot to earn a Hooligans respect but you just have.
Thanks you nasty hooligan We love the game, want to win but also have a lot of fun playing. We are just showing respect to another Guild that has earned it. Sorry, but Wheel MacLean from our Guild obviously can not read and beat the Birthday Boy. He may get demoted for that lol.
Happy hatching day dude
And in typical Hooligan fashion I ignore the bifday boy.

Happy happy Machine!
From a leader to another leader Happy Birthday to "Doc" MACHINE

Also well played "Doc" Broncos and everyone else , top players

Newcastle Falcons
GC was great fun "Docs" even though we lost. Hope we meet again in future and you are "good sports"