Hawaii Try-O

Alright guys,

Thanks for the GvG - nice to come across a guild who like a bit of banter, but also put up a fight.

You have got a decent guild growing there - right attitude and approach - keep it up.

Hopefully we will meet again in the future.


Badger (Webb Ellis)
Cheers badger.
Look forward to another in 12 months
Hopefully get closer.
Hull fc - sean
Seconded. Good to see an active guild playing their games and giving it a go. Definitely a serious guild of the future.
we have an active whats app group of 19 members
just started an academy guild to hopfully lure new tallant into the guild.
we look forward putting up a better challenge next time.
nice to have some banter with some one in your guild with the names as well
Hull Fc - Sean
That was a combination of myself and Saracens. Glad it stayed friendly.
Can see we are at it again lol

Good luck Webb Ellis, not that you need it
Always a pleasure, Romford.
All games used by yourselves. Top opponent. As the kids say, respect!
Beasts from Hawaii try-0 has left us to join the top guys! IF YOU DON'T appreciate us piss off!