Kick distance.

So I currentlyhave my kick distance set at 20%, but even when my FB kicks from inside his own 22 the ball goes over the oppositions deal ball line and I have to defend a scrum deep inside my own half. Can you sort the kick distance out please so it is a lot more accurate! Thanks.
That percentage is not the distance but how regularly he will kick the ball. Kick distance is below the players kick accuracy... Kicking power...
So in strategy down in the bottom 3rd where it says kick distance, this isnt kick distance at all? Is this what you are saying? If it wasnt kick distance then why would it be called that?

I now have it set at 0, but the ball still goes dead everytime someone kicks it.
Maybe kick distance in strategy refers only to kicking for touch from a penalty?
Who knows?! I have now put it to 100%. I think it migh refer to how accurate the kicks are, however the heading of the attribute ne3d ammending if this is tje case.
I believe kick distance in the strategy is how far your player tries to kick a penalty into touch. Ie higher kick distance goes for a lineout closer to the opponents line, at the risk of missing touch more often.