USA Rugby Union I & II WE WANT YOU!

Guest GEXZBI :

Sean (LC Bears) sour grapes... yet you yourself have NEVER match fixed with previous guild members ...hmmmmmm.... tell the whole truth not part... Jealousy and envy consumes you... maybe later will the USA guild members see through you... carry on living in your pipe dream... was it not you who called me via mobile for help? Did I not give you player strats? Shhhhhh!!! You embarrassing yourself... regards *Sniper (Nemesis)

You are so full of yourself, Jasco; it hurts to know your team is owned by someone else. You are going to toot your horn about a strat that has been around for over 2 years?! 100 this and 100 that and 100 on all your backs. Please, that worked many moons ago and I laughed at it and was surprised you still use it. No wonder you were looking for a hand out win in league. No wonder your team is a level below. No wonder you still think the world is flat. Now let's be honest. Who really gave the advice of why you weren't winning scrums? Not your guild. ME! Tough to swallow because you want to go on and rant how you helped me out. You have never helped me. So go and be with the bees and make the ROUND world a better place instead of being a bitter little man. Like I said before, the only ones you need to blame for where you are, are the max fixers in your guild that didn't quite hook you up. Free yourself from yourself.