Today we have removed all our passengers, in the hope we will gather some active players. Nothing worse than having flogs who don’t play, but are happy to grab the cash when the guild wins. We currently have 10 spots open. If you want to go hard and compete, then come and join us at Cowboys. I reckon you will like the vibe. Hope we see you there.
Come and have a look, if you don’t like us then you can always find a new home. After you play your first guild game you are automatically promoted. Then it’s up to you. We are a chatty friendly mob.
If you want to be a leader. We will give you that option.
good luck recruiting just played yourself and your leader i't's tough to get a fully active team but as long as majority our your members have a commitment to the GC you'll win more than you lose the guild im running in black venom we have 25 sending heals but realistically about 18/19 showing up where not the best but we can suprise a few teams if you do need a guild that will play gc's and send heals i can make some room for you and any active friends you may have as we do play GC's regularly here and could do with some extra quality