Not even in the league of our GC opponents

Firstly well played team GB hope you enjoyed the worlds easiest GC .

Can someone explain how the GC opponents are selected we lost the last one so naturally you'd expect a more even match but the game decided to give us Team GB and even tougher guild than the previous one we lost to. I will play for the cash because thats all most of the guild can do but it wasn't really a challenge for either team they'd won before the GC even commenced. They've 5 players over that of our highest levelled players and majority of their guild is over that of our 3rd and 4th best players .
I don't expect to win all but i do expect to have a reasonable chance of at least getting a credible score even if we do lose ,but I genuinely can't see how my guild is getting more than 10 even if everyone played/
GC matches are based according to GC league position. You will play a Guild (that's entered) either, directly, above or below where you currently stand in said league. Our previous 3 out of 4 last matches were played against Guilds far stronger than us. As a result, we dropped dropped several places. Hopefully, it will be a very long time before we meet again.

I suggest you aquaint yourself with the game, before committing to a moan!