07/11/18 23:39
08/11/18 15:12
Damn beaten to it by Gregory
09/11/18 19:58
lmao, poor lonely, embittered sods still at it?! lmao

black hat, some of us have a life, and some simply don't, and have to be on forum to find acceptance. know the difference, mate.

09/11/18 21:20
22/12/18 04:47
22/12/18 21:39
Sent him off did you hell I blocked you after you decided to sell off my team. yes you kicked me from your guild but tbh you did me a favour I was gunna leave anyway after what you did, and well the sheer amount of people that has left both your guilds in rugby speaks for itself.

22/12/18 22:55
23/12/18 03:50
Ben (MK) :

Reckon this thread is probably closed now, yep?!

Wishful thinking!! Merry Christmas, Ben!!
26/03/19 13:14
26/03/19 19:07
Guest 8N2BVL :


= I see