Half of teams runs away

19/08/17 03:21
Why is it half my and the opposition run to the other end during the game?
It has been happening for weeks.
Your resoinse then was yeah there is a bug.... so when will it get fixed?
31/08/17 16:10
I have experienced a similar issue in a recent game. The game more or less descending into a game of 7's whilst half of both teams run off into the in goal area.

Is this a known issue which has previously been reported and/or addressed?
19/11/17 23:19
I thought they'd introduced a sin bin aspect to the game. Is it not that then and just a bug???
20/11/17 06:57
def just a bug as they come back at the next break in play (at least for me) plus there is no record of it in game commentary