Most heals sent?

12/10/17 18:43
what the most heals sent in one season,
im currently on 1640 but i know some people will beat that
12/10/17 19:17
Most I've sent was 2100 many moons ago, most I've seen was around 2800
12/10/17 19:48
the next most in my guild is 661, i'm guessing if i was in a very active guild i could get a few more
12/10/17 19:53
Forsure, if I recall the season I hit that we had four others over 1000 heals
12/10/17 20:39
What guild you in?
12/10/17 20:44
Some guilds think it's great to have the most sent, I think the most received is a bigger deal. If everyone is actively requesting then you can all get numbers up. When you are trying to give the most there is a minor disincentive to request.
12/10/17 22:19
2415 by me about 6 months ago. Am sure I seen on a guild description that someone had sent around 2700. Can't remember who it was though.
12/10/17 23:02
Lion in Super ball boys is showing as 2617 on their wall. Anything over 2000 I would say is impressive Bluemooners so congratulations. Fairly easy to see over a 1000 in quality guilds.
12/10/17 23:06
Also always have a laugh when see a guild with a minimum requirement of 100 heals. Come on that is easy and there is one in the current Top 10 (clearly not BM's equivalent) with that on their wall. I would be slightly embarrassed at that.
13/10/17 05:50
I've sent 2262.

That's with no social life and living under a bridge with free wi-fi from the coffee shop like a swamp donkey.

Anything over 2000 means you spend ALOT of time on the game.