Keeper doesn’t seem to move much

08/02/18 08:12
My goal keeper who is the max in all skills just seems to stand there and watch shots go in. He didn’t do this before so obviously I have changed something. Any ideas what I have done wrong
08/02/18 09:35
i'm assuming your keeper isn't an actual keeper its something like a DM or midfielder if so that's your problem you now need to have a goalkeeper stood in your goal otherwise shots will just fly past it doesn't matter how much you train DM's defenders mids cannot be made good goalkeepers now you have to have a proper keeper in goal otherwise you'll be on for beating every game
08/02/18 11:00
Thanks for your reply
You are right I do have a defender as a goalie and I assumed if he was max in all skills this would be ok. I had him all last season and finished second in my championship .

Have the rules been changed?

08/02/18 16:19
yeah it's a recent change that's nobody really said much about but if you put anything other than a keeper in net your in trouble but dunno about rule changes i'm not a moderator just know it from other players in my guild having same probs easy to fix tho is that your player should still work in other positions just not as a keeper
12/02/18 02:39
Presumable a paid position change would work otherwise you would never know if you are buying a legite keeper at auction time.
12/02/18 08:29
i don't know I already have a keeper