Losing fans

14/08/16 09:49
I've become quite disappointed with this game. It seems to be successful now, you must spend money.
I bust my ass building a level 21 stadium, now I only get 200 fans for a win, yet lose 1020 when beaten. This means I need to win at least 5 challenges to get back to where I was. Because of this I'm no longer playing tournaments. The only way to ensure wins is to play with max bonus all the time and that's just ridiculous. Either change it back the way it was or make it 200 you win, 200 you lose. All of my guild agree with me, and they're all losing interest in the game like I am. Something needs to be done...
16/08/16 16:42
It's the same rules for everyone. The devs aren't going to change those rules just because you find it difficult to stay on top.
16/08/16 18:42
well if you had a good team and didnt lose games then you wouldnt lose fans, simple really isnt it?