New player looking for an active guild

02/01/19 00:14
Hi all,

Ive been playing RM for around a week now and am looking for an active guild, preferably with 20+ active members. I am highly active myself and am happy to contribute to maintain my place in the guild and am eager to grow and develop.

If anyone knows of a guild that follows those specifications then please do let me know, not interested in semi-dormant guilds.


In game name: Azzurri
02/01/19 21:39
Play me in a friendly.
02/01/19 22:01
We are the Hutchie :

Play me in a friendly.

What's your guild and team name?
02/01/19 23:26
We are the Hutchie :

Play me in a friendly.

Thanks for the opportunity anyway.
25/01/19 00:02
Hello, Brain Damaged are looking for active members, its a training ground for Damage Inc No1 guild, we offer help to build your team, strategy advice, tips on training ect.