Ios to Android

25/07/19 17:21
Good day all

I've been playing rm on a ipad 3. I want to transfer my account to Android but it's been a nightmare. I have logged several tickets but no joy. I am logged in with Facebook on rm but due to trying repeated times to get it to work on my android Facebook now gives me only two options with new teams. The iPad is not compatible with play store. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
02/08/19 03:17
My suggestion is this:

Step 1
Above this forum you will see 'My Account'. Go there and register with sweet nitro with an email address, username and password. I see you already have a username registered so good chance you have already done this.

Step 2
In your PC or Mac browser, log into the facebook account you want to link to your team. Stay logged in.

Step 3
Go to the browser version of the game here: and log in with the username, email and password you created in step 1 (not with facebook)

Step 4
When the game loads following step 3 above, it will automatically link your team with the facebook account you are logged into in your browser.

Now you simply download the game from the play store on your phone, log in with the details in step 1 and make sure your facebook app is logged into the correct FB account too so everything links up nicely. Job's a good 'un.