Thank You

08/08/19 13:34
Hello everyone

I wanted in the name of the CAG to thank very sincerely the Damages, les Inseparables, Marvel for their attentions, the messages received, the changes of guild name on the occasion of the death of the brother of one of ours.

"Enemies" on the game but all brothers and sisters of the same community.
Thank you again for this beautiful spirit.


08/08/19 20:47
Restez forts All Blacks, nous pensons tous à vous
01/09/19 23:09
I've got to hand it to you Nico, you are a man of sheer class, always quick to compliment and slow to insult.

Clearly there things bigger than this game that we all love and hate. I hope you are well and that All Blacks' family are doing okay.

03/09/19 11:59
Merci c'est sympa de votre part
Dans la peine d'un des notres vous avez ete formidable
03/09/19 18:14
nous pouvons nous battre sur le terrain, mais nous devons faire preuve de respect et de condoléances en ces temps difficiles