Possible cheating?

09/03/18 03:59
There is a person that has 127 players. I've been watching him buy every day one or two of them at over 3000 auction points. This guy would have to purchase hundreds of real dollars to able to have that many auction points. His auction building is only level 19 and his guild building is only level 10. His total daily salary for his 127 players is $11,322,836. His Finance building is only level 10. And as I am writing this he is still buying players in the auction house.

I have placed a complaint ticket to Nitro .... but they don't seem to be doing anything about it ... other than replying that they will look into it ....... days have gone by and no action seems to be happening.

SO WHY SHOULD MOST OF US WHO DO SPEND REAL MONEY CONTINUE TO SPEND ANY AT ALL? I like to give real cash to the developers for the games that I do enjoy. They deserve some type of return for their efforts. But if they are not going to take actions against cheaters ..... then my contribution to this game will be over.
05/04/18 01:54
I put it to you that he is not cheating, rather, he is trading through the auction house to make rp. Its a common tactic and easy enough to do. There is no way to cheat as far as i can see.

As for his salary, he is most likely hidding his cash in a building upgrade so that he doesnt have to pay it. The penalty for this is yiu players all resort to 0% morale. Simple enough to reset after the salary payout time has passed.

13/04/18 09:42
My AH is lvl 19, and my Guild hall is lvl 10. I have 240+ players. I buy most of my guys cheap...a point or two. I watch videos in Android to double my recruiting points daily.
Sometimes really good players cost recruiting points....dunno what to tell you.
My payroll is over $38,000,0000...so I have to reset my morale, which falls to zero at 11:00pm sharp until I reset it to 100.
Its not cheating...I recruit so many people cuz I have to play some folks out of position. I have 10-15 or so guys retire every other season.