New stats button?

11/02/17 21:52
Carshalton Colts :

Water under the bridge? This is over a year old.

That makes more sense, didn't look at all the dates just saw it was fresh. Sorry for the troubles. Someone started to reply again and I just looked at the top
12/02/17 05:07
guest_1453649951937 :

Well this is an interesting twist to the story.

The twist is not on the topic, but on hoe the thread has been manipulated to hide things. ☺️
12/02/17 12:48
What are you saying was hidden, I'm confused and intrigued.
12/02/17 18:16
I have a screen shot of the original thread. Before being edited..... Started by one admin/moderator before he was appointed
12/02/17 18:16
The Internet never forgets
12/02/17 18:34
Ah, now I get it.