02/01/17 15:17
Yeah the fans thing I think they should adjust since now they aren't the ranking. Fans seem to only help make money and I suspect we could see some fan manipulation to ensure that gvg wins happen. Theoretically the top 10 teams in the game could be the best but also have very low fans due to the number of challenges they receive. And thus their gvg would be much easier even though they have shown they are better. Once again I have never cared about fans, so is this correct?
02/01/17 15:24
Yes this is true!but other problem is aome of the stronger teams will rather drop down the rankings to a spot where nobody can beat them just to save fans and thus keeping their guild in the top 5 spots
03/01/17 10:37
Never get an easy game against Tomix. And Broncos you're far out-performing your star rating so well done on staying up there on a consistent basis.
03/01/17 14:58
Thx bluemooners!same to you!always a good challenge
03/01/17 16:59
Thanks Bluemooners, appreciate the compliment from a top player. I'm enjoying hanging out with you guys up there
03/01/17 21:14
Tomix your strats are second to none. And Broncos if you had a 205* team there'd be no stopping you, so i hope you don't start buying players or we're all doomed