create another account and you get a decent team

14/10/18 01:08
Just created another account wanted to see what happen first thing that happened was I didn't start as a level 1 so i thought ok then I found my league had already ended without actually playing a match , i then went to my strat base to find i've got a better team as a complete newbie than that the rating given to my new team is higher than that of my main side thats been playing for years like how is that right?
14/10/18 01:20
Yeah, It's pretty much like that with my third team but have decided to call it a day on all three accounts (for a while anyway) as I'm playing Black Ops 4 and fun level just amplified how ch*t this game is. Good luck mate, you still have my email address, so don't be a stranger.

I'm not leaving my teams in a "lose" strat, if only just to hinder certain teams out there


John (AFC Millwall)