GvG TerraNova vs British Lions 2 June 2016

17/08/16 08:31
There is no truth in the rumour what so ever. Full stop.

This entire thread should now be removed.

Moderators ?
17/08/16 10:05
Sorry it has taken so long to catch up on this. Have a life in the real world too. Not sure where Waspy is ( perhaps hols ).

I will not delete the whole thread but I will remove those posts which I consider to be unsuitable for what should be considered a forum for all ages. Add to that a consideration of those comments which are truly disgusting and completely unfounded the only option open is to give a considerable cooling off period / ban from the forum for those responsible. There are others who also insist on posting inflammatory comments which are of no benefit to anybody. Dealt with in a similar albeit less harsh manner.
17/08/16 10:16
Thank you
17/08/16 10:21
Thank you for dealing with this
17/08/16 10:25
I have locked the thread and muted two members. One permanently. If the devs feel the need to override this then so be it but I have acted as I believe is appropriate in the circumstances. Enough is enough guys.