Guild Spies

12/06/16 23:43
What is your guys thoughts on Spies in Guilds? Is it clever tactics or sad and scummy? Basically, some guys go to other guilds and see what their tactics are like and than go back to their original guide with as much info as possible and than change their name to try and hide.
12/06/16 23:56
It's pretty desperate but if gives them pleasure, so be it. Don't suppose it makes much difference.
12/06/16 23:59
It's happen to us as brother in arms loads over the past year. Tbh it doesnt make much of a difference we all fiddle with our tactics to often.
13/06/16 01:25
It's amazing how fast some tactics get round without spies anyway - the kick to 13 tactic spread like wildfire last week.
But anyway, people will move guilds, and will take tactical information with them. If you don't want spies, the answer's simple; never invite anyone.
Not heard of anyone changing their name, though - that does sound a bit pathetic, and what's more, it costs them money.
Personally, I would rather try to reverse-engineer a tactic I wanted to work with - where's the fun in just copying someone else's settings? But as LT says, surely tactics are in a constant state of flux as we tweak them, so does it really matter?
13/06/16 11:50
This honestly doesn't bother me or anyone in my guild. We all openly share tactics between each other. The only annoying issue is I have about 9 tactics and the all work differently on different players. if you tweak defence/attack spacings this is often all what is needed to get around opposition tactics.


International Lions.
13/06/16 12:45
He also came into the guild challenge played both games so someone else lossed out and said sorry but guess he was laughing about it. I guess the next step is for someone to join an alliance and lose both games on purpose and than leave.

Suppose it is not the sharing tactics that I was meaning it was just the being sneaky.

13/06/16 15:55
And of course we also get the gvg recruiter point seekers. Join the guild and stay without doing much at all to reap the rewards. Most stand out a mile and are culled within our guild at an appropriate stage.
14/06/16 11:34
So I sometimes go to new guilds to maybe get some tips and learn something new, its not something i try to hide and always state my intention to players when i join their guild. I have a collection of setups that i have tuned for days on end, so when i get into new guild i will play against the players and if someone have a stronger setup i'll ask if they interested in sharing/trading/testing setups. if no one have setups strong enough to beat me I will always share my setup with them no matter who they are or what guild they from. Currently I have 17 setups, i don't always play with all of them, i have 3 that's my main setups which i use all the time, when i encounter a team which not 1 of the 3 main setups work on, i will go through the others till i find 1 that work, if none works i'll take whichever worked best, copy it as new setup and start playing with the settings till its perfect..
Also when i join new guild to learn some stuff, while im in that guild my loyalty lies 100% with them, even when i feel there's nothing more for me to learn from players, i will only leave them once there's no issues with me leaving, like they have a replacement waiting or tell me it ok to go.