Those RP's are STILL in abundance I SEE

24/07/20 23:56
Mics Mob - definitely time for a hobbie fella.
24/07/20 23:59
Dragon blade :

Mics Mob - definitely time for a hobbie fella.

Covid lockdown, too much time at the moment. Hahahaha.
25/07/20 00:16
Indeed but try and use it constructively 'tut, tut tut' ???? and not bait ppl. They have eased the restrictions now buddie so you should be fine ????.
25/07/20 00:51

I’m not baiting, just responding.
Too much BS get spread around this place.
Someone got to call it out.
26/07/20 00:14
Admin @ :

thank you for putting a therm on this topic of conversation.
We have banned teams, whether at "Cagnannaise / omega or damages ..." to name a few. Some were not because we were not one hundred percent sure. We try to do the maximum, some are on this topic of conversation but we are watching them, to good understanding.
Please avoid arguing over and over again, it gets tiring.

Hahaha - troll of the century. 9 out of 10 for effort, fair play.

09/08/20 08:59
@Mic @Lc we have been in chat groups before.... What I don't get is if the game brings so much sorrow why still play it? Most comments these days are about someone cheating... Alot ag negative post instead rather stay away from the forum and focus on the game.... Then perhaps you would gain more by that