Major fail on the new ranking system

22/08/18 22:18
I'm now a retired team with good reason I login with no intentions of actually playing the game hence I'm not in a guild but the latest update has one major fail to it the ranking system if you go down to number 60 then look below 60 i think it jumps to something 60 to 73 I take Nitro can't do simple maths also seen the same guilds like mean machine and heavy metal Multiple times . As usual they've ballsed up another update whats next one Nitro make everyones buildings level 1 again?

Waiting for your next failed downgrade ashley
23/08/18 00:34
I'm not seeing what you are seeing
24/08/18 22:32
ash considering you quit the game your more active than a lot of teams still playing lol
y worry yourself about the latest upgrades if i quit the game i would never come back and complain about something i'm not interested in anymore
25/08/18 02:00
Only major issue I have with it is American Outlaws are not ranked #1.