Cant play friendlies against two teams

27/01/19 15:04
Have any of you found that you cant challenge certain teams to a friendly.

My Guild's next G C opponents have 2 teams who you just cant play it just says they will play in a few mins even though they have not played for 3 hours plus & they don't have another game for over 8 hours.

Also one of them has only been challenged twice in GC's this month & the other one has never been challenged at all this month.

I'm sure you will all be shocked to be told that they are Iranians

I'm sticking in yet another I can tell them in the first place.
27/01/19 16:40
yes it happened to me too
28/01/19 07:01
Shaun, we've had the same issues at Legends. All of these problems started when the bugged world cup thing started. I had a mate tell me that a guy was not able to be challenged but I was able to challenge him myself. Maybe because I too had a cup team. Games broke and only solution is to get rid of this shit world cup thing.

As someone who is running a team inside the world cup mode, it is completely laughable. I havent got a clue where I stand or if the games are counting towards anything. I've have 3 games and only one is showing on the league table. Then I have mystery fixtures in the future which dont align with my group. It's a cluster.
28/01/19 08:23
We have now found they cant be challenged either two teams can be the difference between win or lose a G C sometimes so this needs to be sorted.

Having checked the two teams history I have found one has only been challenged once & the other one not at all since the start of the month.

As for the world cup thing two of my lower guild members are going for it which is stupid they need those points for players not that. The rest of us are not touching it I doubt any of us will but certainly until there is some notice giving details of it they can shove it where the sun don't shine.
29/01/19 00:25
Yes, it's due to the 'World Cup'. 'Updating' apparently.
I cannot play friendlies, map games or take part in GC's, nor can teams challenge me.
You'll be 'shocked to be told', I'm British!

ps Congrats Psycho on a No 1 ranking.
pps. You can play games (if in World Cup) after midnight (GMT).
29/01/19 11:49
On checking up on them one has been challenged once this month & the other not at all so obviously it goes back before the world cup they have found something in the prog to exploit
29/01/19 11:53
just found the following reply to my ticket

Good day,

I transmit to the developer, please wait.

The Football Champions 2 support team

There was also a temp error yesterday that lasted about an hour you could ask for heals as often as you wanted.

My two teams plus the guy who I am helping out got well topped up until they fixed it
29/01/19 12:39
just got another message that the problem is fixed Challenged one OK but the other has either changed his name or is no longer in that guild so not 100% sure if they sorted both still at least they sorted it though those two prob cost us at least a draw in the G C if not a win