Training individuals?

17/10/15 23:52
Hi, how can I train individual players instead of using the auto assign
18/10/15 10:39
Click on the player and bring up their details. Then you can assign points to attack, Defence and general skills.
19/10/15 01:49
what do you mean train individuals instead of using auto asign? auto asign is just a quick way of distributing skill points to all players with 1 click, its not a training function. To train individuals just make a tick in the block to left of all players names you want to train then click on what training scedule you want to train them on. players with a tick by their name will train while other wont.
19/10/15 10:03
You can't put different players on different training systems, either they take part in the group training you set or not.
Auto assign will attempt to stop your player from becoming 'unbalanced' so wingers will still get points in scrum power/force
21/10/15 04:53
Sometimes I try to upgrade an individual in training and it says not enough training points? What does that mean? And how do I get more points?
21/10/15 12:04
It means you did click-click-click-click-click-click and made one click more than the players had training points