The Game is so racist.

17/11/16 17:46
Wait a minute, so I proved the game is created by aliens from another galaxy, you have proven the game is made by the French. Therefore the French are aliens from another galaxy? Now we know how they were able to beat the ABs in the world cup!!!!
17/11/16 19:37
Ebony and Ivory...
17/11/16 21:16
I posted something long here. I deleted it. It's a game. Moderator's right. This thread need not go that far.
17/11/16 21:29
I don't normally get involved in this type of thread but......... wtf is that all about? I say that having just had a quick look at my players' names, many of which do not fall under the category suggested! Maybe somebody needs to get a life and treat the game for what it is........ a game!
17/11/16 21:32
I'm just wondering if its not the names constituting "racism" what exactly it is being referred to as being racist in the game?
17/11/16 21:54
Jzrshue please post your long response and, as you said, be a man and put your name on this. Or just do the typical social justice warrior thing and say you have a lot to say but just don't have the time. Not everything you don't like is racism.
17/11/16 22:38
Doing some research in my nerdery right quick off the basis of racist Christian names. I went through the active list of players in my ah, there are 18 unique names in my ah at this moment. Lets see how many are saints. Wayne, not a saint (although Wayne st Wayne does exist but is only an artist not a saint). Dean, not a saint. Erwan, not a saint. Jesse, not a saint. Donald, finally a saint! Pryam, not a saint. Jonathan, finally another saint. Will, two in a row! Presley, not a saint. Drew, not a saint (Andrew is but the drew that i know is drew and the Andrew I know is andy so I'm not giving it). Buster, not a saint. James, a saint. Christopher, saint. Douglas, not a saint yet and only for a guy with the last name not first. Gregory, saint. Zachary, saint. Ethanol, not a saint. Kieran, not a saint. So less than half of the names are Christian which means that not only is your conclusion very flawed, your logical method extremely flawed, even your premise is flawed. It takes great skill to not get a single aspect of your own logical proof correct. Now please stop claiming things are racist because you don't like the things, it makes my job extremely difficult.
19/11/16 08:27
Something else to think about. Before the guy who posted this "racist issue" changed his name he called himself JAMES... if I am not mistaken James is the English version of a Latin name and you also get a St.James... Seems to me you are one of the racists aswell.