How is possible ?

15/08/17 20:34
Hello all,

Somebody could explain to me the situation of this player, "Warriors" of guild "Don't Give a Ruck" ?

I'm a level 42, and he was in the same tournament of me (and other level 42) but he is a level 46.
How is it possible ?

Another point about him.
For every tournament he was with lower level than him (sometime -5 levels).
And as well, another question about him, and I hope that somebody could explain this point:
Warriors have a championship progression as follow:
I asume it is a few strange
Level 11 to Level 16
Level 16 to Level 22
Level 28 to Level 37
Level 37 to Level 44

15/08/17 20:44
There was an offer to jump extra levels, it could possibly be that he bought multiples of these to jump levels, literally buying his way up.

Its the only thing that makes any sense to me so I hope this is the case.
15/08/17 21:04

An offer that no one else had...apparently

And to play in tournament 4 levels below?

I want this offer too!!
15/08/17 22:50
Same as SeeDrick, I'm really interesting by these offers...
If a Sweet Nitro manager can send me a quote for them it will be really appreciate.

Offer One:
Quote and process to jump 4 or 6 levels in one championship

Offer Two:
Quote and process to play tournament with 2 or 4 levels under mine.

I believe that I will be (after these operations) one of the major teams of Rugby Manager...
The place No 1 and his gold medal will be for meeeeeeee.....
my preeeeeeeee-ciiiiiiooouuuuuuuuusssssssss...
15/08/17 23:00
There have been some posts on the Forum about the offers to jump levels, but I am not sure of the details. However, if you start a Tournament just before the end of a season, then you "jump" to your new level when the game resets. If you put these two things together, it might answer your first question XD.
15/08/17 23:51
He's been double promoted and then he's spent money to gain a further two promotions
16/08/17 17:56
Thanks for the answers!!