Any guild want to try for a match up with Webb Ellis?

31/01/18 23:40
Need ticket raising legends.
I'm thinking possible 4 guild 2 on 2 option aswell would be good.
31/01/18 23:42
Also an option to split ball payment between members might be nice for that and custom tornements.
01/02/18 10:13
Sorry Dreadlock we're well out of sync now. Someone started our search as soon as the last one ended. I think it's about 4am 3/2 our next gvg ends.
01/02/18 11:42
Took us till 2am to find match so not that far out. We got wes, should be good gc.
01/02/18 11:44
So for 3 1/2 hours we were both looking for gc and they didn't match us up.. Ffs.