Still waiting for a new GC

21/06/20 04:25
Our last GC ended on 18th, but we are still waiting for an opponent of equivalent level - can't remember ever having to wait this long. Our Guild is The Shed. Is there a bug?
23/06/20 09:46
Hi Pommy B's

I see you have 4 newcomers. Have you by any chance had a few players leave the guild recently? Guilds won't be able to get a new GC unless you have a minimum of 20 players who have all been in the guild for 48 hours or more.

Your last GC was 18th. If the number of teams in your guild dropped to below 20 after that, then even if you already searched for a new GC, you won't get one. If a few new teams then joined on the 21st, for example, and your numbers were above 20 and stayed that way, then you will be able to get a new GC on the 23rd (depending on the timing of the people joining, and as long as at least 20 teams have been in the guild longer than 48 hours.)

If you have always had more than 20 teams, then I suggest you log a support ticket.
05/07/20 05:13
Thanks for your reply. About 30 minutes after I posted, we got a new GC - coincidence probably.