Open goal line and player kicks/passes

03/11/15 20:15

On several occasions, the half time or full time whistle blows and my players either pass or kick the ball out while they are running to score...? Does this have something to do with my my strategy (penetration?) or is it some bug with the game?

Please advise
04/11/15 13:25
One of the most annoying parts of the game especially when it makes the difference between a bonus point win or not.
23/11/15 05:44
Third vote to get this fixed, very very annoying. Certain try and the player kicks it away.
23/11/15 14:09
+1 on getting this fixed
24/11/15 10:02
26/11/15 21:55
And again. If this was for real these players woukd be getting crucified!!!!
27/11/15 17:37
29/11/15 12:39
29/11/15 16:16
You guys have a half time whistle?!?!? I've never seen half time for me...

But +1 on the topic!
03/12/15 18:28
Ahhh happened to me again today and it would have been a bonus point too grrrrr!!! 10 was clear through, got to oppo 22 and HOOFED it into the stands!

What a **** Should fire him for that... But he knows he runs the team