Sell a player

07/05/15 16:00
Win money for sell one player? Or only lose -10 coins?
07/05/15 16:41
The seller receives the recruiter points spent by the buyer.
07/05/15 20:41
Ammm, ok. It is perfect!

13/05/15 08:32
and as we know how many points recruiter gave here does not appear any messages
13/05/15 10:13
When the auction ends, the seller get a message saying "You sold X for N recruiter points".
14/05/15 10:02
..or the player X did not get sold and will be deleted..
17/05/15 22:59
i have listed one player, i do not see my own player in auction. how long does auction take?
18/05/15 10:15
The auction starts with a 24h timer. You may see your player by using filters.