Unfair Match Engine and Results

11/05/15 10:44
I started to play this game not long ago I am currently in lvl 1 league I did not move up any divisions at all....when I started the game I had a team with all 7-8 stars quality....during the season I bought players with quality of 20-26 stars...Now my fist 11 team is players all with quality 20-26 stars

but here is the problem when I play a match against a much weaker team with players that have all 7-8 quality stars I usually draw 0-0 ,1-1 or lose against them 0-1 with me having 5-10 shoots on target and they have 1 shoot on target (they have a 8 star goalkeeper and I have a 21 star goalkeeper)

Last couple of games I draw 4 games straight then lose 1 game after that against much much much weaker team and once again I had better statistics during the match in everything a lot more shoots on target and they only got 1 shoot on target

how is this possible that they always score a goal with much weaker team with only 1 shoot on target while my teams is by far stronger and has a lot more shoots on target and everything else

My League statistics are 5 wins 4 draws and 1 lost which placed me in 4th league position and I have the strongest team in my league by far then anyone else and still I have trouble winning a game with weaker teams

(also want to mention my first 3 wins I did not have a complete team with 20 and more stars and still they did a lot better then when I completed my team with better quality players)
14/05/15 08:46
The outcomes of matches are pretty random. But you can still have a positive influence on the result by paying attention to the strategies of your team and players, AND your opponent's team and players.

But you should know that the key to this game isn't 'Buy high quality players and I'll win'.
14/05/15 14:10
I needed to go to Forum to figure out what FC, DC, GK and M strategy instruction they need to have....the outcome is too much random this is a football game not Poker...the default setup for strategy instructions are terrible people cant know if its good to increase for example kick power or leave it as it is