world elite

02/04/18 22:18
Hi guys rarely has this happened 4 spaces are available in world elite . Where revamping the team a bit if your interested please play myself to be considered for an invite.

07/04/18 12:40
You have 25 teams now...still sending invites to my guild. Why ?
07/04/18 12:59
not me + dont know your guild
09/04/18 18:59
Guest 2AM3UC :

You have 25 teams now...still sending invites to my guild. Why ?

A question from an anonymous user with no details of his guild or team name. Get your crystal ball out Ashley.
10/04/18 09:26
Doesnt matter who or what guild. World Elite and Rebels have a history of poaching. Read the comments by the so called mates about a month ago !
10/04/18 09:31
Comments were in September last year. Have seen other complaints since then though.
10/04/18 09:32
Another anonymous user from an anonymous guild. Seriously pal, if you're not willing to put your name and guild to a comment, don't comment and then hide in the shadows.
All guilds recruit from other guilds, unless it’s a level 1 player or a guild free player. Therefore all guilds poach. I know it leaves a bitter taste when you lose a player to another guild, but stop being a little b***h.
12/04/18 19:43
Now he's used the term poaching bluemooners I know exactly who this baby is it's liverpool. From Strikers it's funny how you don't like me poaching but you openly boast that you have members from former friends guild in Shaolin soccer and holmes fc
14/04/18 06:21
Totally there with u Ash and bluemooners, it's yea actually funny that liverpool 65 doesn't like when guilds take his players off but he invited me a multiple times,wanting to take me away from my previous guild England 2066 which is really funny So he just wants to take people in and not giving them away which i understand him but why is he complaining and boasting and stuff?? That's just natural for other players to have a choice: either stay or leave, liverpool can't do absolutely anything here. I instead chose World Elite and still i got an invite from liverpool's guild... Such of a rich baby...
14/04/18 12:38
So to summarise it's a case of pot, kettle?