problem world cup after winning a team

29/01/19 15:26
I won a world cup team but when i go in the page of world cul for strategy, training and schedule, i arrive in the page for auctions, why? I won a team but i can't do anything with it, it's like i didn't won it
29/01/19 15:58
What World Cup team are you?
Do you have any more World Cup games on your schedule?
29/01/19 16:08
I had Japan but i lost in KO phase so i leave the world cup but i had 2 more matches with Japan (One today and one tomorrow). At 3:10pm today, i won Senegal but can't do anything, i arrive in the page of auctions, like i don't win the team
29/01/19 16:12
29/01/19 16:12
29/01/19 16:12
30/01/19 18:14
You are now playing in a league with all 32 teams.
You won't be able to bid for a team until either the Cup or league finishes. I don't know as yet, as there is no information.
I am Peru, but in a different Cup to you.