youth academy?

12/07/16 14:25
Hi are you guys thinking in adding another building like an acasemy for young players that you can promote to the first team?
17/07/16 11:59
Please do something like this.

You can make higher level academies produce higher percentage of better quality star rating & training speed/ recovery players.

Please, with each season more championship levels are being added and each level has worse players available for recruitment than before. It is becoming abysmally appalling!

Without decent recruitment there will soon be no point led to play and no point in trying to attain higher championship levels by promotion.

Please address player quality recruitment at higher championship levels URGENTLY or many top players will continue to leave the game.
Remember each season more people are being promoted and reaching the higher levels and if more people are beginning to experience this when they encounter higher levels then more people will be leaving each season.

18/07/16 18:21
I agree
18/07/16 18:28
Yes a academy will be a great building where u can focus on young youth players and build thm up to ur liking and theyll be strong for us to put thm to good use,please be innotive and help us who really love the game and play to our full potential