Ever decreasing player recruitment quality going higher up

17/07/16 11:49
Good day,

Can you please do something about the lack of decent or good players available for recruitment at higher levels?

As it is, with each championship level one goes up the quality of available players decrease significantly!!
This makes teams lower down have much better potential players.
What's the point of reaching higher levels if the players become worse and one's quality starts to drop way below the teams lower down??

I realise there are a few 1 time offers to purchase perfect players with real money, but if the game play cannot be sustainable for managers in the long run growing on higher levels then it becomes very much pointless to continue playing the game once people reach higher levels.

This means that the managers will inevitably being to leave this game.

Can u foresee people spending money on this game remaining here if nobody else is playing? Do u think people with money want to play by themselves?
No, if there's no reason for people to continue playing then even those spending more money will leave too because the game gets boring and unsustainable long term as a manager.
And this is a management game.

Really it's becoming appalling that everyday there are no good players available anymore as we grow to higher levels.
The players should become "better" than lower down, not worse!
These players available are so bad that even with money it is almost impossible to max most important attributes before the player retires. Let alone maximising all attributes.

Please fix this ASAP for the life of the game or we can forsee many people deleting the game as they reach higher levels. Then what is the point of playing.
18/07/16 18:21
Yes fully agree on this motion,we need good qaulity players on higher levels as well.