One-Sided Guild Challenge - Again

07/04/17 17:19
Ashley Longthorn :

yeah I created an new guild from scratch so low fanbases we aint even got 500,00 fans between us, we only have 12 players and so far we've come up against two guild with over 1 million fans and our best player is 120 I think on rating. The guild were currently facing has an entire team of over 100 + players. Personally me thinks fanbase GC ranking is rubbish anyone can have the fans not everyone has the players to compete. By that I mean what the guild challenges should be based on is average team strength from your first xi because thesedays you have so many fake ratings, but I think elite teams should only come up against other elite sides where is the competition in the game when one side has far superior players to the other? For me the gc would be better if you only came up against teams with 10 -15 of your own guilds average strength.

Personally, I've aways found the way the game ambushes people who insist on pushing their fans beyond the level their team can support to be rather elegant.
01/05/17 09:32
We have 2 Guilds operating and both use different approaches to stadium upgrades. The 1st Guild upgrade their stadia as soon as possible as they now have teams that are able to compete with most other Guilds outside the top 150. Our 2nd Guild takes a much more balanced approach by ensuring all other buildings are upgraded to at least 1 level above the stadia before the next stadia upgrade. They have to do this as they don't have the teams, as yet, to be able to compete with Guilds that have large fan numbers and generally too many higher rated teams. It is working very well as both Guilds win many more challenges than they lose or draw.

My advice would be for others in a similar position to our 2nd Guild to stop stadia upgrades until their other buildings are at least 1 level above. You will find it will help in the long run.
01/05/17 13:22
Waspy Tiger :

It's never been 20% but 33%, and it's average fans, not total fans. On your figures, their average fans are 28% more than yours, so within spec.

The reason we say it is 20% is because we have been told multiple times that it is 20%

12/01/17 11:28Support
Good day,

It's based on guild fan rankings. The guild must have less than 20% difference.

The Rugby Manager 2 support team
01/05/17 13:32
A few things with your maths to get their 17 team 2.2 million fan guild to pair with your 21 team 1.9 million fan team: drop your bottom 4 teams from the math (these happen to be extraordinarily low fan bases which makes me wonder if you are trying an old matching fix from clash of clans to get easier opponents, you may not be doing it on purpose but anyone who plays clash knows this trick). With those 4 teams removed the guilds are roughly 2.2 million vs 1.7 (roughly). They have also never said which guild sets the 20% mark so let's use the bigger guild since that's gives us the bigger window. Which gives us not a difference of 45% or 35% but a difference of close to 22%. So yes, it is outside what they say it should be, but not by nearly as much as indicated or thought once you remove your junk fan level teams.