Rankings for Each Level

07/04/17 11:12
You know what might be interesting and fun? If we had a ranking system that told us who is the highest ranked player on each level. It would definitely keep the smaller teams interested and motivated.

Right now the rankings show the top 100 ranked players in the game. How about giving us tables that show the top 10 players on each level? You can use the same rankings determined by the training matches as is. Another thing that would add a great dimension to the game is allowing us to directly challenge the top 10 players on our level to take over their spot.
13/05/17 16:50
Would anybody else like to see this?

The game can use the existing team rankings determined by the training matches to get a table that shows the top 10 ranked teams in each level.

For example:

Level 20
Team A - ranked 1241
Team B - 1452
Team C - 1517

Level 21
Team D - 981
Team E - 993
Team F - 1001

Etc for each championship level. Would also be nice to be able to directly challenge the top 10 teams for their position.
14/05/17 02:04
This could actually be great if extended. Make it so 9nly people in your championship show up on the map. This would get rid of what some see as cowardice of the people that hide in low ranking purely for fans. However when I was one league below the top league I loved seeing hw far into the top 100 I could go. I know els dynamo also enjoyed this