New buildings and MB

23/11/17 12:03
Good day

So, since the last update everyone was disappointed with the 7.2 patch update. The buildings + Stadium remained the same structure (nothing new).

Is Sweet Nitro working on a next update? What is the situation with the developers?

So 5% match bonus is staying in the game? I saw many posts that the survey scores should be published live but yet nothing has happened? I've seen many top players retire recently and soon many more will.

So I have a question for you and want a straight answer.

When do you estimate will the next update be and will match bonus always be in the game?


23/11/17 18:53
6 months and yes they wont drop mb
27/11/17 10:00
unless a significant amount of players stop playing MB is always gunna be in the game on upgrades i'm honestly unsure if they'll ever be another update they seem too lazy to make a proper update took em long enough on the last one
02/12/17 10:22
Ashley, I have to agree 100% with you. Well so many good players have resigned already, so i guess it is time. Won't be long until most of the people will stop playing the game because it gets boring. Every time the same thing over and over. You know who are the MB users so the GVG games are predictable. Not even talking about the league matches. It is ridiculous.
02/12/17 17:55
Simple answer is we all don't use bonus. It is only fictional money anyway so even if you have nothing to else spend it on you lose absolutely nothing.

For one...never going to use it again. Did in Level 8 when I was clueless but not since then.

Call me naive if you like but those are just my thoughts on the matter.